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I am pretty happy with their services. They work really fast and this surely seems great. When I checked on the roof, it was amazing, like seriously. They did a great job. This is the first time I met this kind of service, as from start to the end, I noticed that their services were like I could not point any flaw out. Everything was so on time and I observed the quality teamwork over there. Their service charges and all other costs are pretty reasonable. I am extremely happy and contented with these roof contractors, as I never experienced this in my 12 years of home ownership and 7 roof replacements.
McAllen TX is awesome. I am very happy with the work they did to my roof. Their team is too good in communication, they behaved professionally and seriously. The members were very friendly, cheerful and active. This is what I loved about them. After I placed the order, the workers showed up on time and I did not have to wait much for my roof to be replaced. Nothing is kept hidden, everything was so very clear as I asked for, while placing the order. The service was so appropriate and accordingly. The roof is now guaranteed by them for another 25 years, and it seems too durable, surely it will last longer.
ReRoof Construction is Awesome! I’m a new homeowner in the McAllen area and I was not aware of the rotting wood that was spreading underneath the shingles. After moving in, while the first rain storm was going on, I began to notice water dripping off the ceiling. So the next day, I found ReRoof Construction in a Google Search. They had a great rating so I gave them a call and sure enough they lived up to the review. Mike came out and showed me the rot situation and the small hole in the shingles that created the issue. He then sat down with me, went over the details for fixing the issue and gave me a reasonable quote. I liked what I heard and gave them the OK to start work. They removed all the rotting wood, repaired the area, and re-roofed home since I did not trust the old shingles. They also cleaned up the mess that was made so I didn’t have to worry about nails or splinters injuring my kids. I will definitely call them back if I have any issues in the future. Thank you ReRoof and Mike for your excellent service. I don’t know what Jennifer’s review was all about but for their service for me was great!
Their appeared a leak in my roof and that was surely a big big problem, as rain used to come inside the room. Then I came by McAllen TX Re-Roof construction team, I am telling you, you’ll find their services really very great. It was an excellent experience. They installed me a new roof in no time. And also the team McAllen TX Re-Roof constructors, is great as they are too professional and well behaved as well. I would like to mention that THEY CLEANED THE AREA AFTER CONSTRUCTION as well, it’s extremely great when one has cleaning problems like me. It’s my honest advice for you to use McAllen TX Re-Roof construction services.

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