About Reroof Construction LLC

Reroof Construction LLC has been providing 5 star roofing service for the Bexas County area since 1993. With a service area that encompasses, San Antonio, Houston, McAllen, South Padre Island, and everything in between we have one of the largest service areas out of any roofing contractor in the area, and the professional staff to attend to any size job within the area.

The company was started by Michael Vargas when he decided that working for less reputable contractors wasn’t something that he wanted to have his name attached to, and beginning with taking his own legacy and integrity and building the brand of “Reroof” on his own attention to detail, precision, and punctuality, he started hiring like-minded individuals who take pride in their work, and set standards for themselves providing a quality no one else can produce. Now more than 20 employees later and a host of subcontractors dedicated to providing quality work in an efficient amount of time, Reroof is ready to “Reroof” any job in the state in a way that won’t need a second opinion.